Voodoo Hex: A Review of the Slot

In Peter & Sons’ video slot game Voodoo Hex, you may go back in time more than a century. A mysterious Voodoo Shop sits on a foggy street in New Orleans’ ancient French Quarter in the year 1921, as Mardi Gras throbs on the opposite side of town. A former priest works spells inside the shop, hoping to win over Oshun by performing an extraordinary “magic ritual” on the streets.

The tale behind Voodoo Hex is like this, and it helps create the tone and complement the visuals. Beginning in the dark of night, outside the aforementioned Voodoo Shop in New Orleans is where the base game of Voodoo Hex is set. The game employs a 3×3 grid where 9 symbols dangle in midair to create winning combinations and activate bonus rounds when three or more appear. The game features a gloomy aesthetic reminiscent of The Nightmare Before Christmas, and it provides a mashup of the distinctive visuals, audio, and animation that Peter & Sons are known for.

Voodoo Hex is a mobile-friendly, high-variance slot game with a betting range of 10 cents to fifty pounds or euros. There are four distinct variants of the RTP, with returns ranging from a high of 96.3% to a low of 86.1%. The game has a maximum win that will make you do a double take, and the hit frequency is 22.66%, meaning that between 1 in 4 and 1 in 5 spins result in a win.

Players can go even farther into the voodoo concept with the aid of the symbols featured in Voodoo Hex. There are eight standard pay symbols: four low-paying cards with moons, eyeballs, bones, and potions (earning 0.3 to 0.6 times the wager), and four high-paying cards with dolls, heads, snakes, and a character symbol (paying 1-2.5 times the wager). The golden liquid bottle wild symbol appears on all reels and stands in for any other pay symbol. If wilds make their own wins, the payout is five times the wager.

Slot Features in “Voodoo Hex”

Maximizing features like Mystery Stacks Respins, a Progressive Multiplier, and Free Spins is essential if you want to win Voodoo Hex’s substantial top payout.

Respins of Mysterious Stacks

The Mystery Stacks Respins feature is activated when the identical symbol fills both reels. Mystery Symbols appear when the symbols on the stacked reels and any related symbols on the third reel are combined to make a winning combination. Each time the wheel is spun again, the Mystery Symbols drop one slot. When there are no more Mystery Symbols visible, the respin will terminate.

Accumulator Multiplier

Each respin during the Mystery Stacks Respin feature boosts the win multiplier by 1. All sequence victories are multiplied by this amount. Before each subsequent paid spin in the base game, multipliers are reset.

Bonus Turns

Free spins are triggered by landing a scatter symbol in the center position during the main game. The number of free games you receive is completely at random and might be 5, 7, 9, or 11. Every spin and re-spin during the bonus round boosts the initial global progressive multiplier by 1.

Promotional Purchase Bonus

Click the bonus purchase button to explore your alternatives if you want instant access to free spins. For 7 free spins, you’ll need to wager 51x, for 15 spins, 110x, or for a random number of spins, 70x.

Slot Result of Voodoo Curse

As usual, Peter & Sons have produced an aesthetically pleasing online slot machine. When compared to games like Voodoo Gold, they’ve kept things on the lighter side thematically. P&S often presents their slot machines in a lighthearted manner, and Voodoo Hex is plenty of offbeat charm. We were also reminded of the Relax Gaming slot Hex, which featured a Peter & Sons-like aesthetic when it was first introduced. As a side note, after seeing Voodoo Hex, we found ourselves debating whether or not we would actually enter a real Voodoo Shop, or if we would simply walk right by it. Voodoo Hex displays the belief system in a harmless manner, and Peter & Sons has utilized its skills to depict a humorous, magically inspired slot machine.

Voodoo Hex also has a wide variety of authentic voodoo artifacts, including skulls, dolls, potions, charms, and various tokens. It also has a plethora of multipliers to boost your chances of winning. Since the maximum full-screen victory only pays out 25 times the wager, you’ll need all the multiplicative assistance you can get. The 9,400x potential of Voodoo Hex, in light of this, may come as a surprise. Because the most rewarding raw complete grid win is only 25x the wager when made up of wilds or 12.5x for the highest value pay symbol, we get the idea that heroic levels of multiplier advancement may be required to unlock the game’s full potential or even get close to it.

But at least on paper, you have a shot, and the game’s outstanding win numbers are the cherry on top of a delightful three-reel experience. Voodoo Hex is a well-rounded experience that ticks all the boxes with its alluring visuals, fantastic soundtrack, and promising potential. While it’s true that Voodoo Hex won’t be around for very long and the game’s maximum win potential looks a touch exaggerated, it’s still a fun enough experience to warrant at least a few of playthroughs.

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