Jackpot Magic Slots Editorial Opinion

Jackpot Magic Slots is rather unique among social casinos in that it cannot be played on Facebook. It concentrates solely on providing mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, but don’t let this discourage you. This social casino provides competitive bonuses and daily promotions, as well as hundreds of visually appealing slots and a generous welcome bonus. Continue reading for our comprehensive Jackpot Magic slots review, in which we put this social casino through its paces.




Numerous slot games from Big Fish Games available.

No Facebook account required Extremely social approach to mobile gaming

Excellent bonus for newcomers

Design and games with aesthetic appeal


No specialized solution for Windows Phone

Some gamers may overlook the Facebook play option.

Software and game selection


Jackpot Magic Slots is operated by Big Fish Games, who, not surprisingly, also operate Big Fish Casino. Jackpot Magic Slots, as the name indicates, concentrates on slot games. There are over one hundred diverse games to pick from, and new titles are released every month to keep you occupied. Choose from well-known games such as Raging Bull, Jackpot City, and Big Fortune Valley. Keep in mind that the casino also provides games exclusive to VIPs. As you play and gain levels, you will gain access to more games.


This is no ordinary slots casino, though, since it offers a multitude of bonus games, progressive jackpots, and tournaments.


4.4/5 Bonuses and promotions

As far as welcome bonuses for social casinos go, Jackpot Magic Slots provides a decent offer. All new players may receive up to 1,000,000 free coins, allowing them to test out some of the fantastic slot machines. But don’t worry, the fantastic offers are not exclusive to novices.


Additionally, a daily prize of 35,000 coins is awarded to one fortunate player. This is acceptable and makes it desirable to return each day. When daily events and other frequent promotions are factored in, we believe that the majority of players won’t need to spend real money for coins for quite some time. Clearly, this is a major advantage for our Jackpot Magic Slots online casino review.


Community \s4.3/5

Jackpot Magic Slots is among the most entertaining social casinos available. According to their website, “it’s a party on your phone!” You cannot play the game on Facebook, but you may connect your account to the app and play with friends. With the aid of private messenger and chat services, it is possible to create international friends.


It has almost 200,000 Facebook likes. Despite the fact that you don’t even need a Facebook account to play, this is quite an accomplishment. Jackpot Magic Slots is quite active on Facebook, frequently spotlighting new slots, posting trivia questions, and offering free chips. It’s not surprising that its postings receive numerous likes and comments. Jackpot Magic Slots is still a social hub for slot players worldwide, despite the fact that its community has room for development.


Security and account creation


New users can begin playing immediately after downloading the app, with the opportunity to extend and personalize their profile afterwards. You may link your account to your Facebook page, allowing you to discuss strategies with other gamers. All purchases of additional coins are performed through in-app transactions, which apply all the security procedures implemented by companies like Google and Apple. You can be certain Jackpot Magic Slots is a secure environment in which to spin the reels.


Mobile \s4.4/5

Since Jackpot Magic Slots is exclusively accessible on mobile devices, they ensure that their applications are of the highest quality. This implies that the app has all of the intriguing benefits stated earlier in the review, as well as 100+ slot games and a smooth gameplay. We are pleased to report that there are no restrictions on the mobile version at this casino.


Setting up your mobile device to play is quite simple. You simply download the app from the appropriate app store and begin playing. As the games are exclusive to smartphones, they are tailored for touchscreen gameplay, so the entire experience is seamless.


Conclusion \s4.8/5

When it comes to playing slot machines on a mobile device, few casinos can rival with Jackpot Magic Slots’s mobile-optimized design. They prioritize mobile thinking, and it shows. Over 100 games are available, and new titles are introduced often to keep you on your toes. In terms of welcome incentives, this one isn’t too shabby either, with 1,000,000 free coins.


One potential issue is that Facebook is not supported. This is a popular option, thus it is unfortunate that it has been neglected. However, everything boils down to individual preference. Some players will rejoice at the opportunity to play on the move when they discover a mobile-only casino. Overall, Jackpot Magic Slots has so much to offer players and is amassing a substantial fan base. Sign up now and you’ll see for yourself!

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